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Sean and Kristy Michael

Are you interested in learning more about Airstream campers? Even If you’ve never camped in one, you’ve likely noticed the eye-catching “silver bullets” on the road or in your favorite campgrounds. Find out why camping enthusiasts and owners of TheLongLongHoneymoon video blog Sean and Kristy Michael enjoy traveling the highway and camping out in their Airstream travel trailer.

What factors influenced you to choose an Airstream camper?

Sean: Although we like all sorts of RVs, Airstream campers are a little different. Not only do they look different (thanks to the aluminum exterior), but the company has been around for almost 80 years. There’s a lot of history there. Airstream is sort of like the Harley-Davidson of the RV world, so there’s a huge community of die hard enthusiasts. We wanted to be a part of it.

Kristy: They’re so cute! Seriously, though, we loved the retro feel of the Airstream. It really is a timeless design, so we felt it would be stylish and hip forever. Also, approximately 80 percent of all Airstreams ever built are still on the road, so that told us that we were getting a quality product.

What advantages do you feel that Airstream campers have advantages over other travel trailers?

Sean: I guess the main advantage is the aluminum exterior. It will never go out of style, and it will never rust. If it fades, it can be polished. There are many decades-old Airstreams that still look fantastic today.

Kristy: Again, the classic style and design. Most people can’t tell a 1968 Airstream from a 2006 Airstream, and we really like that. You can make them look as modern or as retro as you want with minimal effort. Also, I think one of the main advantages of the Airstream over other models is their sleek curvaceous design, which really affects the towing aspect of things. It really does tow like a breeze, even though it’s so heavy and sturdy.

What advice do you have for other camping enthusiasts who are thinking about getting an Airstream?


Sean: Check out our blog. We have documented many aspects of Airstream and RV ownership with video and writing with our blog, TheLongLongHoneymoon.com. But my main advice is to do your homework, and think about how you will be using the Airstream. Read about different models, and if possible visit a good dealership with several on display. Nothing beats seeing the trailers in person! Also, with an Airstream you should consider all different years. While some people want a new trailer, others may prefer a vintage model. By restoring a vintage unit you can have the best of both worlds, a timeless classic that is tailored to your own tastes.Kristy: Just do it! I’ve never met an Airstream owner that has regretted the purchase. In fact, we meet lots of former Airstream owners who sold their trailers to acquire bigger options (fifth-wheels and motorhomes), and they ALWAYS say, “We never should have sold our Airstream.” Every time we pull into a campground, I am amazed at the number of smiles and “thumbs-up” our Airstream attracts. Airstreams just make people happy, partly because lots of people have pleasant childhood memories associated with Airstream. Whenever folks see one, they immediately remember those good times of years gone by.

What “modern conveniences” do you feel are must-haves for Airstreamers and other RV’ers?

Airstream campers can go just about anywhere.

Sean: We have a cellular Internet kit that broadcasts our own wifi network. It’s wonderful to have Internet access even when you are camping in remote areas. A nice, quiet inverter generator is a must. It will allow you to camp anywhere but still enjoy electrical amenities like air-conditioning.

Kristy: Well, these aren’t really modern conveniences, but I think they’re pretty essential to a pleasant camping experience: a positive attitude and lots of good books. There will be times when things go wrong, probably more than we would like to admit. However, if you keep your positive attitude you will survive just fine and possibly even have a funny or entertaining story to tell later! As for the books? Well, you’ll need something to keep you entertained after sunset, once quiet hours are enforced!

How did you get started with your RV video blog? What do you like best about doing it?

Sean: I am a filmmaker, so I always tote around a video camera. Just for fun, we posted our edited videos on YouTube for friends and family to enjoy. We soon developed a following online, and were even approached by sponsors. What I most enjoy? As a creative person, it’s gratifying to have an audience for your work. We’ve reached thousands of people with our RV travels, and have had a lot of fun along the way.

Kristy: We started our video blog (TheLongLongHoneymoon.com) on our honeymoon, as we traveled across the USA with our Airstream. The videos were originally just intended to keep friends and family up to date on our whereabouts and adventures. It slowly snowballed, and one day we realized that there were tons of people watching that we didn’t even know. So now we are now on a never ending “long, long honeymoon!” As we like to say, “Till death do us park.”

Love to Know Camping would like to thank Sean and Kristy Michael for taking time to share their experiences and first hand knowledge of Airstream campers with readers, and wishes them happy trails on their future camping adventures.

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