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Over the past few years, the number and popularity of gay campgrounds have increased greatly. They offer a comfortable, safe environment in which to meet and mingle with fellow gay, bi and straight campers. They are also a great way to renew and strengthen relationships with family, friends and partners.

Most gay campgrounds are adult camps, with an age requirement. Usually individuals must be 18 or 21 years of age to become a member or attend camp. These campgrounds require you to present proper ID such as a driver’s license when you register for camp. A deposit may also be required to make a reservation.

Many gay campgrounds and RV parks are clothing-optional, and a few are nudist. At a clothing-optional camp, there is no requirement for nudity. It is left entirely up to you and your comfort level whether or not to walk around the camp in the nude. In fact, many camp guests don’t take advantage of the option.

Types of Gay Campgrounds

Gay, Gay/Lesbian and Lesbian Campgrounds

A “gay” campground will typically refer to a facility where most of its guests are male. If a campground is an exclusively gay, all-male facility this will usually be clearly stated. A gay/lesbian campground opens its doors to both gays and lesbians. These camps may have different sections on their grounds for their gay and lesbian guests.

Some gay campgrounds maintain a private membership, with their activities and facilities only open to their members. Typically, these are exclusively male encampments. You can usually obtain a membership in as few as 24 hours in advance of your arrival at the camp. If you would like to make a reservation at a members-only gay campground, be sure to call ahead to make your reservation.

A gay-friendly campground mainly caters to a straight, traditional client-base, but also provides a friendly, comfortable environment for gays, lesbians and same sex couples. The owners and staff are generally gay-accepting or even gay themselves. Keep in mind, however, that you probably won’t have the same level of freedom of expression as you would expect to have at an exclusively G/L/B/T campground.

Shopping Gay Campgrounds

  • Gay Campers

This website provides comprehensive listings of gay campgrounds in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the Caribbean. It also provides information on gay and gay-friendly facilities, as well as gay outdoor organizations. You can also read informative articles, browse gay camper profiles and a gay message board, and subscribe to their newsletter.

  • Gay Camping USA

This is a campground directory of gay, gay/lesbian, lesbian, gay-friendly and gay-owned campgrounds in North America and abroad. It is designed to encourage and promote gay camping and campground ownership. You will find a great listing of many gay campsites, facilities and resorts.

  • Gay Provence

This website offers a list of gay-friendly campgrounds around the world which they profile on their website. You’ll also find an events calendar and a travel member program which offers special discounts.

  • Gay Outdoors

Gay Outdoors is a member-operated website, that was founded to provide a means by which “outdoorsy” gay and bisexual men all over the country could meet each other online or in person and share their outdoor interests, experiences and knowledge. Any member can lead, run or sponsor an event or activity. Group sizes for most Camping activities are between five and fifteen, but can be a small as two and a large as fifty.

Enjoying Gay Camping Facilities

Gay Campgrounds have proliferated across the country over the past few years. When planning your weekend getaway or vacation, gay campgrounds provide a relaxing environment where you can commune with nature and with your fellow gay campers.

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